Gucci, meet the GRAMMY®s

Gucci, meet the GRAMMY®s


When a rich heritage in fashion meets its match in music, the results are bound to be special! Today, we are delighted to introduce the launch of a GRAMMY®-inspired special collection from our friends at Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry, in association with The Recording Academy.

Gucci’s signature marriage of cutting-edge design and uncompromising craftsmanship allows this fresh new line to embody everything the GRAMMY® stand for: sophistication and modernity, steeped in and informed by a rich cultural history. Furthermore, fashion and culture will walk hand-in-hand, as part of the proceeds from sales will profit the GRAMMY® Museum, to help restore and preserve threatened records from pivotal artists.

wollzelle, of course, was tasked with building the digital home of the new line, which is now live on Featuring the brand’s signature sliding timelines and standards-based platform, it builds upon the aesthetics of both partners, echoing the line’s bold new choices in materials and textures.

We hope you love what you see, and what you hear! As always, we welcome your comments but be quick, for something tells us there are further exciting things in the pipeline…

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