1. We are thrilled to announce that the latest iteration of has just been shortlisted for the second edition of the Lovie Awards in the design category. is Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry’s flagship online presence. A cinematic experience, packed with up-to-the-minute information, interactive catalogues and original editorial content, this ever-popular site has grown into a premier destination of its own for aesthetes, watch collectors and jewellery enthusiasts the world over.

    The Lovie Awards are presented by The International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences. They spotlight exceptional creativity and innovation in European web development. They recognise excellence in every aspect of a project: design, relevance and engineering. Of the nearly 1.000 entries received fewer than 15% make it to the shortlist.

    Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry and Wollzelle have enjoyed a long and mutually empowering relationship. Together, we keep pushing the boundaries of how iconic brands represent themselves online. Each version of the site has received numerous accolades from the industry and from clients alike. Today, we are delighted to see our common achievements recognised once again by a jury of our peers. Thank you.

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  2. Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry is launching a paperless revolution, and Wollzelle is making it happen! The new I-Gucci Sport Watch, the latest in the acclaimed I-Gucci range, is hitting store shelves with a fully interactive, touch-enabled user manual, optimised for smartphones and tablets.

    Clients access the application by scanning a QR code, specific to their watch, printed on all the relevant ads and packaging. Driven by the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 web technologies, it thrives on mobile devices, and offers a unique, totally intuitive experience on the go.

    The step-by-step app uses realistic animations to make setting things up a breeze. It can also be bookmarked right on the phone as a quick reference to access advanced features as needed.

    In fact, the app is so intuitive that Gucci Jewelry & Timepieces is also using it as a training tool!

    This new generation of manual not only makes it a snap to enjoy your purchase right away, it cuts down on cumbersome documents and wasted paper. Any time a new feature is released, a small update is all that is required to bring thousands in the loop.

    The app already speaks 9 languages fluently, and can be extended infinitely to new markets and new products. It offers a breakthrough experience that will shape training and product discovery for years to come.

    The new Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry app manuals are another example of how Wollzelle is helping its creative clients push the web forward to cut costs, simplify business and increase consumer engagement.

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  3. Introducing the new


    Continuing the long and exciting partnership between Wollzelle and Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry, we are thrilled to announce a brand-new version of, the company’s flagship online store and lifestyle destination.

    Proudly announced by CEO Michele Sofisti in his opening communiqué, for Basel World 2012 the site offers an immersive cinematic experience, specially optimised for mobile and touch-driven devices.

    Videos, high-resolution photos and interactive galleries make it easy and fun to discover the brand’s amazing collections. Exclusive editorial content keeps readers coming back for more insider information on Gucci, its collections and the cultural happenings it supports around the world.

    Visitors to will still be able to browse the latest collections, in fluid and immersive galleries that work on any modern computer, tablet or smartphone. We think you will love the improved navigation and interactivity, and will immediately feel at home.

    Built by Wollzelle from the ground-up, the site is entirely standards-driven, accessible and extensible. Powerful features such as seamless store geo-location are integrated into every product page for an easy transition from discovery to purchase.

    A new heritage section dives deep into the fascinating history of the house of Gucci, which spans nearly 100 years.

    Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry not only designs artworks of its own, it actively supports artists the world over, through its collaboration with the GRAMMY® and the CSCLF (China Soong Ching Ling Foundation). Now taking this commitment one step further, the site offers exclusive downloads from the company’s music preservation programme, run in cooperation with the GRAMMY®. Even classic favourites, such as Fats Waller, are available to all. expands Gucci’s online presence, but offers a new, specialised voice, that focuses on timepieces and jewelry from the perspectives of collectors, art lovers and aesthetes the world over. It is a natural extension to the brand’s main website, but stands on its own as a lively destination.

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  4. This is the I-Gucci GRAMMY widget


    Set to launch at the next GRAMMY® nominations event, December 1, the I-Gucci GRAMMY® widget is the official timekeeper to music’s biggest night. And it looks great to boot!

    The widget designed by wollzelle allows music enthusiasts to keep an eye on the countdown to the big event, the 53rd GRAMMY® Music Awards, set to take place at 8 PM on February 13, 2011. Fast-dwindling seconds are turned into meaningful calendar data including days, hours and minutes, rolling by in real time.

    And because the countdown to such a significant event comes with its fare share of milestones, reveals and cliffhangers, the widget also provides direct one-click access to the GRAMMY® and Gucci Twitter feeds, for short and timely updates right from the desktop.

    Of course, all this functionality would not come from Gucci were it not rolled into one stylish package: the widget is styled after the two genuine I-Gucci watch models, in black or white, and comes with a full-featured virtual version of the physical timepiece’s face, featuring the time in LA and the user’s current location.

    Detailed touches relying on both careful handcrafted design and cutting-edge web rendering technologies, such as carefully-applied distortions and shading, give the widget an unprecedented realism that is sure to make it stand out on screens worldwide.

    Promotion of the widget on

    The widget is available for Mac and PC and can be downloaded via or directly from or Yahoo!

    Update June 2011

    For the 54th Annual Awards the widget became a web based companion integrated directly on Next to the countdown it features the two models of the exceptional collection of the new I-Gucci GRAMMY edition showing LA and local time and date.

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  5. Gucci Timeless


    Six months ago, almost to the day, in fact, we had the honour of introducing a fresh new site for Gucci Timepieces. Available in eight languages and built atop a lean and adaptable standards-centric platform, this site took the Gucci experience to a whole new level of beauty and fluidity.

    Ring section is now growing even further, thanks to the launch of a brand new jewellery section, already featuring an impressive 246 items! New filters, such as materials, have been devised to make diving into this section as intuitive as ever. Furthermore, because the collection is so extensive, it allows users to browse by item, range or line, making it easy to find just the right piece for any occasion.

    Bracelet section

    Seamless integration with Gucci’s online store allows users to easily source genuine items and full e-catalogues in both Flash and PDF act as reference pieces for those who prefer a linear and complete shopping experience.

    Of course, no update would be complete without a general tune-up, and every section of the site has benefited from a light sprinkling of diamond dust. For example, the store locator and events section now feature jewellery information, and the site’s homepage has been entirely ridden of Flash, thereby allowing for the lightweight display of bigger and crisper photographs.

    As always, the site is built upon an advanced wollzelle-developed CMS, that allows for international management, CDN integration and the easy collection of reports and statistics on site and visitor behaviour. Our aim is to make it as easy and intuitive to update as it is to visit, enabling the great web and marketing teams at Gucci to keep up with the creative whirlwind that is the company!

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  6. Gucci, meet the GRAMMY®s


    When a rich heritage in fashion meets its match in music, the results are bound to be special! Today, we are delighted to introduce the launch of a GRAMMY®-inspired special collection from our friends at Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry, in association with The Recording Academy.

    Gucci’s signature marriage of cutting-edge design and uncompromising craftsmanship allows this fresh new line to embody everything the GRAMMY® stand for: sophistication and modernity, steeped in and informed by a rich cultural history. Furthermore, fashion and culture will walk hand-in-hand, as part of the proceeds from sales will profit the GRAMMY® Museum, to help restore and preserve threatened records from pivotal artists.

    wollzelle, of course, was tasked with building the digital home of the new line, which is now live on Featuring the brand’s signature sliding timelines and standards-based platform, it builds upon the aesthetics of both partners, echoing the line’s bold new choices in materials and textures.

    We hope you love what you see, and what you hear! As always, we welcome your comments but be quick, for something tells us there are further exciting things in the pipeline…

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  7. Our hearts are ticking


    Gucci Timepieces is famous for marrying the fashion-forward eye of its parent house with an uncompromising view on engineering quality: under the attractive faces of their wares, tick precision mechanisms that are built to stand the test of time. Since wollzelle unveiled the first multi-award-winning new generation, back in 2006, we have worked in close collaboration with the brand to echo this dual commitment in their web presence.

    Today, we are proud to unveil more details on the brand new site for Gucci Timepieces we launched on May 5, that takes our original design to the next step in immersive experiences and standards-compliance. By building upon rich JavaScript frameworks and leveraging the latest developments in HTML5 and CSS3, we have devised a site that intuitively delivers sound, video and data to a wide range of devices, from the office PC to the Apple iPad — and in eight languages to boot! While iPad users will appreciate using gestures to scroll through our endless gallery of watches, desk-bound visitors will appreciate the lightness and speed afforded to the site by our plugin-free architecture, CSS-based special effects and efficient image compression.

    The site’s aesthetic is voluntarily subdued, and provides what we think is the perfect frame to the brand’s original designs. Wood, leather and precious metals, such as you would find in store, discretely frame the models, and the forgiving, loop-based navigation gently guides the user through the company’s timeless collections — pun intended. While seemingly similar to other wollzelle-designed Gucci properties, so as not to unsettle the visitor, this site brings some new features of its own, and has been optimised for the higher-resolution, wider screens that have recently become commonplace.

    Under the site’s appealing façade beats a cutting-edge engine, that polls and arranges data on the fly for computers, iPads and smartphones, from a common pool of assets. Transparent geolocalisation helps users find stores effortlessly on a wide range of devices, while our own image-processing technologies, fluxiom and ImageGeisha, ensure illustrations are always crisp, clear, and correctly sized, without any manual intervention from the webmasters. In fact, the site was so cutting-edge, we had to “smuggle” iPads for testing from the United States to Austria, on the day they launched!

    Because no company wants to mess around with code and proprietary applications, the site comes complete with a web-based backend for Gucci staff to manage store locations and report on events, as they happen. In addition to a long list of references, happenings and languages, which only keeps growing, this back-end intelligently puts over 4000 stores on the map!

    We hope you take a few minutes to check out the site…

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  8. Easy, breezy, Gucci


    Designing a breakthrough interactive experience for Gucci was one thing. Extending it with a deep overlay to celebrate the launch of a new collection was another. Refreshing Gucci’s suite of web sites to reflect the new spring-summer 2009 designs, all the while keeping the experience consistent and smooth for our long-term online audience, was a whole new ball game.

    As Gucci introduces their spring collection, we are delighted to introduce the brand’s spring website.

    Building upon the existing platform and designs we have developed for them over the past three years, it introduces fluid, translucent touches that make navigating from page to page and line to line easier than ever before.

    Drawing inspiration from this season’s emphasis on chromatic leather, floral ambiances and its juicy, yet classy aesthetic, we have introduced whole new interfaces for the homepage, catalogues and ad campaigns, including a fresh collage layout to present multiple shots at a glance.

    Our revamped video integration platform helps blend sound, text and motion further to create an experience that is not only entertaining and informative but, above all, immersive. (We’re especially thrilled about the new full screen mode!) Nobody switches modes and moods at the flip of a switch in real life. Instead, we transition from one emotion to the next, and it is great time web sites adapt to our natural behaviour.

    Of course, despite this ever-increasing level of — standards-based! — technical and visual sophistication, our ultimate goal is to create an interactive experience that supports the Gucci brand, allowing users to just “dive in.” In fact, we feel the machinery that powers a site should be completely invisible to the untrained eye, and hope this latest iteration of raises the bar a little further.

    We hope you enjoy the collection as much as we enjoyed designing the site, and will be looking forwards to hearing your comments.

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  9. new features


    We are proud to announce the launch of a major update for we were working on together with the Gucci eBusiness Team the last couple of months.

    The website features the Spring Summer 08 collection and with it introducing the new ready-to-wear section.

    Also fresh: A lot of interface enhancements like the variation slider, variation tooltips or the new variations panel and a big bunch of under the hood improvements. Enough. The best way to explore is to head over to Enjoy!

    Behind the scenes

    (evaluating zoomed) It’s a long way from this… (concept drawings by christina)
    (JS bugs, whiteboard) …and even kill some of those! Life can be a bitch ;)
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  10. is a Webby Award finalist


    Wollzelle is pleased to announce that the website we designed for Gucci is nominated for the 11th Webby Awards. This year the Webby Awards chose from a field of 8,000 websites so we are proud to have made the final 5 for the category Best Visual Design – Function. The award show is on June 5 in NYC. So cross your fingers everyone!

    Hailed as the “Oscars of the Internet” by the New York Times, The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet, including Websites, Interactive Advertising, Online Film & Video, and Mobile Websites.

    The awards are judged by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, a global organization that includes David Bowie, Harvey Weinstein, Arianna Huffington, Matt Groening, Jamie Oliver, Internet inventor Vinton Cerf, and RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser.

    People’s Voice. Vote For Us!

    Vote for over at the Webby People’s Voice site and show your support!

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  11. design refresh


    3 months ago we launched our first work for Gucci and today we are proud to present the second project for the legendary Italian fashion house, synonymous with design innovation and worldly glamour: the design refresh.

    In September 2006 we started working together with the Gucci e-business team on the “design refresh” project, where we created a new and brighter visual experience for The new design is influenced by Frida Giannini’s exclusive fashion creations and the materials and design language of the new store concept that premiered at the Gucci Ginza flagship store. The web site, including the new Japanese version, launched right on time with the Gucci Ginza flagship store opening party in Tokyo, on November 3, 2006.

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  12. redefining online experiences


    Together with the Worldwide e-Business team at Gucci, wollzelle created a new and unique online experience for
    We’ve been working with Gucci for the last two months to make this happen and it’s great to finally be able to share it with the world.

    The new website debuts the german and french online stores as well as a whole new shopping experience. With no extraneous material or distraction, the design concentrates on the brand and it’s luxury products. The horizontal design provides an elegant way to explore the variety of products at a glance, while the interaction design emphazises the shopping experience without distraction.

    “Wollzelle provided us with the ability to implement a vision of luxury online shopping that we have been working towards for a number of years. They are imaginative problem solvers, technical magicians, creative designers, and exceptional partners.”—Matt Marcus, Worldwide Director e-Business, Gucci

    The site uses the technology developed by wollzelle with the open source library (extracted from our digital asset management fluxiom) to achieve its seemless interactive user experience without using proprietary browser plug-ins— with the user never noticing what’s going on under the wraps. It just works.

    We’ve been thrilled to see the level of interest Gucci has taken to break out from the flash based fashion sites and take the next step in continuing their industry leading position in online retailing.

    Thanks so much to Matt Marcus (Worldwide Director, e-Business), Phil Vasilevski (Senior Developer) and the whole team.

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