The paperless manual is a mobile web application

The paperless manual is a mobile web application


Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry is launching a paperless revolution, and Wollzelle is making it happen! The new I-Gucci Sport Watch, the latest in the acclaimed I-Gucci range, is hitting store shelves with a fully interactive, touch-enabled user manual, optimised for smartphones and tablets.

Clients access the application by scanning a QR code, specific to their watch, printed on all the relevant ads and packaging. Driven by the latest HTML 5 and CSS 3 web technologies, it thrives on mobile devices, and offers a unique, totally intuitive experience on the go.

The step-by-step app uses realistic animations to make setting things up a breeze. It can also be bookmarked right on the phone as a quick reference to access advanced features as needed.

In fact, the app is so intuitive that Gucci Jewelry & Timepieces is also using it as a training tool!

This new generation of manual not only makes it a snap to enjoy your purchase right away, it cuts down on cumbersome documents and wasted paper. Any time a new feature is released, a small update is all that is required to bring thousands in the loop.

The app already speaks 9 languages fluently, and can be extended infinitely to new markets and new products. It offers a breakthrough experience that will shape training and product discovery for years to come.

The new Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry app manuals are another example of how Wollzelle is helping its creative clients push the web forward to cut costs, simplify business and increase consumer engagement.

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