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Happy first birthday, script.aculo.us!


Today marks the first birthday of script.aculo.us, which was launched on June 22, 2005.

Since it’s humble beginnings as an effects add-on to Prototype and coming directly out of what we at wollzelle needed for fluxiom, it’s seen many uses on high- and not-so-high-level web sites, plus it’s covered in many articles all over the web and the blogosphere and all kinds of books.

Conservative estimates are that script.aculo.us has had more than a million downloads (counting the packages from the script.aculo.us download site, and the inclusions within frameworks, first and foremost Ruby on Rails.

script.aculo.us was an enormous success (it ranks #4 in the del.icio.us all-time popular sites!) and personally I’m very proud of it (and all the people that contributed to it!).

A big thanks at all the contributors— let’s see if we can make the second year as exciting as the first.

The Web is still changing.