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RHCP live in Vienna


Yesterday the best band of the world played live here in vienna! Besides great songs like Snow, BSSM or Can’t Stop they also played some “real stuff” ;) like Sir Psycho Sexy and They’re Red Hot (If you know the RHCP just from listening Ö3 you probably never heard this songs;) )

Here’s the Setlist (i also made an iTunes iMix:

  1. Can’t Stop
  2. Dani California
  3. Otherside
  4. Charlie
  5. Havana Affairs (Ramones)
  6. Desecration Smile
  7. Throw Away Your Television
  8. Blood Sugar Sex Magik
  9. Snow
  10. How Can I Tell You (Cat Stevens)
  11. Tell Me Baby
  12. Stadium Arcadium
  13. Right On Time
  14. C’mon Girl
  15. Nevermind
  16. Californication
  17. By The Way
  18. Under The Bridge
  19. Sir Psycho Sexy
  20. They’re Red Hot