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10 things we've learned in 2006


Here’s a more or less random list of stuff that we’ve learned last year (well, and the first two weeks of 2007):

  1. As a rule, New Yorkers don’t have cars. If you think there are traffic jams there, you’re imagining things.
  2. Sometimes, more is more.
  3. Consumer electronics companies shouldn’t rely on their technical departments on how to implement firmware updates in a user friendly way.
  4. There needs to be a PSP that has accelerometers built-in, because of a certain addiction.
  5. HD DVD won over Blu-ray.
  6. In airport hotels you get to see buildings on fire while you can’t turn off the TV set.
  7. There certainly are airports that don’t suck, but we haven’t seen any.
  8. We’ve found the best-ever recipe for Schweinsbraten, and we’re not going to tell you.
  9. JavaScript, Ajax and Ruby on Rails rule supreme (see the first and third book on that list!).
  10. And finally, don’t try to come up with technical solutions before thinking of the usability of the whole thing.

Let’s see what 2007 is up to.