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Last week Thomas Fuchs— feels odd to mention surnames but sometimes people screw up with the two-Thomases-thing at wollzelle ;)— gave a talk about Prototype and script.aculo.us at metalab, a non-profit association at a cool location in the first district here in Vienna. Next time you’re near the first district you should check it out, there are people around almost 24 hours a day.

The talk was not really announced, so here are some official dates where you can meet at least one of the wollzelle team in the near future:

1 QCon

Thomas Fuchs at QCon London, March 12-16, 2007.
The talk gives an overview about the concepts and functionality of both Prototype and the script.aculo.us libraries, provides advice on what and what not to expect and gives pointers and hints on how to get started. Details

2 MultiMediaArt

Thomas Pamminger at MultiMediaArt, April 11, 2007 6:45pm.
Invited by the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (branch of study MultiMediaArt) I will give a talk about what we’ve learned building the web app fluxiom and why web designers will do more in the future (or: working with developers). Details

3 Railsconf 07

Thomas Fuchs at Railsconf 2007 May 17-20, 2007.
Thomas does a tutorial where you can learn how to create your own swooshy effects with the script.aculo.us effects engine and the utter secrets of all the new shiny things in Prototype and how to put them to full use. Thomas and I will be in Portland (I just wonder if we are the only two austrians over there?) Details