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Christina recently showed me an article about a new magazine called monocle. Christina always got her feelers out for interesting stuff in the design, architecture, photography, art and fashion worlds and makes sure everyone at wollzelle sees the highlight. She has a real knack of picking out exactly those things that later become successful.

The designer Tyler Brûlé is the creator of the new magazine. Ten years ago he launched the very successful wallpaper magazine focused on design, architecture, … simply anything and everything (beautiful) that surrounds us.

In addition to the smart features Fluxiom scores with an intuitive interface […] in practice Fluxiom helps to avoid cramped mailboxes […] and messenger services costs.

The first issue of the new book ahm magazine has 244 pages and over 50.000 words. Brûlé is not interested in market research he simply invents his market on his own and already proved that concept with the wallpaper magazine.

Sounds promising so far! A bit disillusioning was the fact that after I finished the annual subscription I got this small hint:

8 weeks for delivery

I subscribed 3 weeks ago so I can tell you a bit more in about 5 weeks though …