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Apple.com new design


Apple launched a new website design ant it remains relevant and influential.

old menu bar
before (November 2000)
old menu bar
before (2007)
menu bar white
now (white)
menu bar black
now (black)
old submenu
submenu before
submenu new apple.com
submenu now
side bars
very nice “side salad”— in particular the left one:
Apple, please fix the QuickTime overlay bug soon. We really need it for one of our projects.

Overall very intuitive, though on some pages the “transition” is not quite completed yet. Also love the use of JavaScript goodness, and they choose to use the script.aculo.us effects framework for that, which is extraced from wollzelle’s fluxiom application. So check it out: www.apple.com

Other nice things announced at the WWDC:

Safari 3.0 for Windows. This will make it easier for Windows users to test their websites and implement iPhone apps.

Design Awards — this year’s winners!