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Approximate Size of the iPhone and the death to the clickwheel


The eagerly awaited iPhone is coming on Friday; unfortunately here in europe we have to wait another 6 months and there are still a lot of questions. Will it support UMTS? Does this mean a tradeoff in battery livetime, Is there (and if so, who will be) an exclusive carrier over here … nobody knows … meanwhile you can use The Definitive Guide to Determining the Approximate Size of the iPhone to check out the exact size.

“For optimal feel, use two crackers …”

—enjoy your meal ;)

Another more serious and very interesting article is about the death of the clickwheel:

“Steve Jobs and Co. are pitching the new iPhone as “our best iPod ever” and at the same time changing the basic user interface that made the iPod so successful. This is no small step. In fact, it is a sign of Apple’s ambitions for the iPhone that the company was willing to abandon its signature interface for the untested waters of the iPhone’s multitouch display."