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Fluxiom website update


fluxiom comes with an awesome interface and lots of UI effects. So, it’s logical that the fluxiom web site could use a little bit more visual eye candy, and we’ve worked hard to relaunch it in new glory.

First thing, we’ve reduced the start page to provide a nice and welcoming introduction to fluxiom:

fluxiom startpage screenshot

Second, we added more details on the features page, including more and richer screenshots (try zooming in!). And sure enough some cool effects like our Rocket Columns on the features and the fluxUp! pages, when switching tabs.

The new fluxiom site features screenshots and images from Viennese photographer Christof Wagner, who allowed us to show off fluxiom by using his very own fluxiom account. A big thank you!

And, last but not least, we’ve added real-time searching on the fluxiom blog:

fluxiom blog screenshot

We hope you enjoy the new site as much as we do!