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A great preemtive auto-reply


It’s holiday season— high season for auto-reply messages. Here is one of my favorites I received a couple of days ago:

bq.. hi,

You are receiving this email because we had email-contact within the last several month and/or I deem it likely that you will send me email within two weeks.

But: not only will I be away from mail for the next two weeks, I will most likely delete all mails that get sent to me for the rest of august.

The reason for this is that my vacation will be much more relaxed if I don’t have to be afraid of the approx. 700 unread emails (that’s a realistic estimate) that will wait for me when i come back.

So, when I return from my vacation, I plan to litter all unread email. toss it. select all, delete. I believe that this plan will help me tremendously to chill. in fact, I can already feel it.

Please forgive me, and if you have something urgent you want to share with me, please do so on or after sept. 1st. I’m looking forward to hear from you.


ps: don’t even think about hitting “reply”! :)*