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Introducing Fluxiom's free plan


As a regular typestorming reader, you probably know us best for our design adventures. Indeed, you may have read about how we support fashion, seek out great music and craft interactive interfaces.

Did you know, however, about our darker side? At night, wollzelle engineers come out of their orange coats and roam neon-lit data centres to manage heavy-duty storage gear, high-speed network links and redundant power supplies.

Of course, we’re not quite the mad rocket scientists! We do, however, have a genuine passion for technology. Why, might you ask? Simply because aesthetics make design attractive, but method makes it work. We at wollzelle aim to excel in both.

From this layered approach was born fluxiom, a novel online file manager that aims to annihilate all clutter through the effective use of the latest technologies in storage, search and sharing. Its technical core is wrapped in pure wollzelle design, making it a snap — and, we hope, a joy — to use.

To celebrate fluxiom’s latest accomplishments, we have recently introduced our first free plan.

If you too feel encumbered by files and dragged down by the demands of asset management, you can give fluxiom a spin, and try its most popular features for as long as you wish, without any financial commitment. Once you feel ready, heavier-duty plans are only a click away.

Of course, we couldn’t let the occasion go by without putting together a little video for you. It presents fluxiom and its unique approach to data management better than words ever could. It also introduces a series of features designed to help you manage your own data more effectively.

A high resolution version can be viewed over at fluxiom.com.

We hope you enjoy the video and take fluxiom out for a spin. As always, we very much welcome your comments, questions and suggestions!