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Revisiting an old favorite


wollzelle is a photo buff’s haven. Over the years, we have had the honour of devising identities for some of the biggest names in photography, design and fashion. fluxiom, our asset manager, is used by countless professionals to build books and portfolios.

Today, we’re revisiting an old favorite, the web site of Peter Rigaud, a Vienna-based photographer with clients around the world and across all major industries.

Peter Rigaud website

Whether working on one of his artistic projects, snapping shots for advertisements or framing portraits for personal or editorial use, Peter’s work always marries a strong, precise structure with fluid and unexpected movement.

Peter’s home page originally went live in 2001. Its current design has evolved little since its inception in 2003. As his projects have grown and evolved, however, the time was ripe to add a new Publications section, presenting the many magazines into which his work is featured as well as the books dedicated to his work and career.

If you aren’t familiar with Peter’s art, we encourage it to give it a look. As always, your comments and feedback are very much welcome!