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Soziales Netzwerk: Aging gracefully


Soziales Netzwerk Issue 14 Cover

Aging healthily and gracefully is the key preoccupation of our time. It is also, coincidentally enough, the headline of the latest issue of Soziales Netzwerk, a magazine edited by the Wiener Hauskrankenpflege. It is almost ten years since we started working with this respected Viennese institution, shaping up the content and design of their magazine.

The Wiener Hauskrankenpflege approaches communication seriously. By making themselves known, and by interacting with people of all ages, they reach out to potential new clients, but also further the cause of affordable, quality home care that empowers elderly patients and helps them enjoy their lives to the fullest in spite of the ailments of age.

Issue 14 of their magazine features something unheard of in medical publications: a cover photograph borrowed from the ultra-hip WAD magazine (with kind permission), shot by the highly talented Sacha Goldberger. Indeed, we felt this image, initially developed as a tongue-in-cheek fashion spread for issue #38, embodied just what the doctor ordered.


Growing older may not always be fun, but it doesn’t mean giving up hope, originality or a sense of humor. Keeping a positive and creative outlook on life, surrounding oneself with friends, family and dedicated professionals, such are the secrets of graceful aging — and, one might say, of graceful living at any age.

We at wollzelle are honoured to be part of the Soziales Netzwerk adventure since it first got to press, and to help, in our modest but dedicated way, bridge the gap between the younger and elder generations. To us, this cover is living proof that, regardless of age, we are all united in our humanity and our creativity.