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Guten Touch


GUTEN TOUCH from Multitouch Barcelona on Vimeo.

The Internet is a bottomless repository of wondrous and wonderful things. From the enticingly original to the enormously bizarre, it is an endless source of surprises and inspiration.

We at wollzelle spend quite a bit of time collecting these artefacts of modern culture: lots of it may be noise, but the occasional gem is well worth sorting through the masses of cats, copycats and lolcats.

Too short for news and too cool to lose, these titbits tend not to appear on typestorming. Now that we’re Twitter-enabled, however, we can finally share them with you as they pop on and off our finely-tuned collective radar.

So, for news, inspiration and more cool links, remember to head over to our Twitter page and subscribe to our feed.

Of course, and as always, typestorming — this very blog — will keep on serving the latest information on our client work, technical research and branding endeavours.

We’re looking forwards to tweeting from you!