Signing in at the WHS

Signing in at the WHS


The Wiener Hauskrankenpflege have recently merged their four separate offices into a newly refurbished five story building in Vienna’s twelfth district. We are honoured to report they turned to wollzelle to design an original wayfinding system that would match their brand, echo their personality and, of course, get staff and visitors to their destination as painlessly as possible.

To reflect the brand’s caring, relatable personality, we opted for warm hues and a geometric, open typeface. Furthermore, we forewent signage pomposity in favour of a straightforward, idiomatic style that draws its inspiration from regional sayings and mannerisms, raising the occasional chuckle and making an official building feel that much more like a home. Its logical colour palette and straightforward family of pictograms can be easily extended as the organisation adds new services, moves existing ones, or even adds an entirely new wing to the building.

The Process

Below is a peek at the many plans, diagrams and mock-ups we wallpapered our office with to arrive at the final result. We used multiple complementary techniques from blueprinting to 3D modelling, to cover all our bases and approach the same problems from multiple perspectives:

Laying out the flow and logic of each floor
Workers were provided with detailed mounting plans
An overview of the full pictorial system we developed

Final design

Below are some images of the signage system in action. More shots can be seen on our flickr photostream.

A no-nonsense approach to information in the Lobby
The Lobby in perspective | “Come on in!” door sign
“Enquire here,” at the Reception Desk
“Let’s talk about it” says the meeting room door
The Psychology offices
No office is complete without a kitchenette
“Where things happen” proclaims the Event Room
A brief floor directory and the door to the IT room
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