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Winning at the Austrian Annual Reports Awards 2010


Cover WHS Lagebericht 2009

The Wiener Hauskrankenpflege’s 2009 Annual Report is causing quite a stir nationally! It has recently been awarded the first place in the NGOs category of the Austrian Annual Reports Awards (AAA). Run by Trend magazine for 22 years, the AAAs recognise annual reports that excel in both style and substance. Their jury is composed of independent businesspeople, and its grading system has been recognised for its clarity and transparency.

2009 was a key year for the WHS. It was a year of change and transformation for this worthy, time-trusted Viennese institution. Therefore, we are doubly happy that their message is being broadcast to the magazine’s 300 000 regular readers across Austria, thereby increasing the recognition of their brand, message and values.

Featuring original photography, hand-drawn graphs and refined type, this report encapsulates all that the WHS stands for: relatable, straightforward, human.

With its new identity, new offices and now increased national recognition of their accomplishments, the WHS is successfully answering the challenges of the XXI^st^ century, and we could not be happier. We at wollzelle would like to thank the WHS for their trust over the years.

Also, a tip of the hat to our partners in crime who helped the report see the light of day: Bösmüller, who turned our digital files into beautiful print, Wolfgang Kühnelt, who helped shaping the copy for the report, and Franco Winter who brought to life the many portraits that enliven and shape the report.

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