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Photo shoot with Peter Rigaud


Wollzelle for Peter Rigaud, website redesign

Peter Rigaud, the noted photographer, has been a client of ours for ten years. Over time, we have created, refined and updated his brand and his website, accompanying changes in the Web. We have seen him grow more popular and demand for his work increase over time, but his brand and image have stayed true to their fundamental concepts. This gradual evolution of both medium and content is a rare creative opportunity in our fast-paced industry.

Today, we are pleased to announce a new website for Peter, one that takes his clean, simple brand even further by continuing to focus on white space, harmonious typography and straightforward navigation. Peter wanted the site to disappear from view, and to put his photos front and centre, which we achieved by focusing on a tight colour palette, and completely flattening the menus.

This new site is the latest step in a slow maturing process that started ten years ago when we designed Peter’s brand and developed his first portfolio. It marks the total removal of any proprietary plugins or legacy CMS, allowing the artist and his team to drive website updates personally, safe in the knowledge their content can be accessed on computers, laptops and smartphones.

Fluxiom ensures the photos always look their best, sharp and properly resized. This allows Peter to present his work in new and better ways, that rival professional print layouts. It also means the site is backed by a redundant CDN, ensuring images display quickly and reliably, wherever users are located.

The new website also introduces a news section, featuring recent shots, and allows visitors to look up images by face and place, which magazine editors on a deadline will no doubt appreciate. Artistic projects, such as « Please photograph … for me » also feature prominently, reminding us all that Peter’s brand and body of work go beyond the commercial.

Capturing Wollzelle

Having admired Peter’s work for so long, we invited him to visit our office in Vienna’s 6th district, and to capture the unique atmosphere of our traditional « Altbau ». Results of the experience can be seen below, and it suffices to say a great time was had by all…

We hope you enjoy discovering Peter’s website as much as we love working with him!