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Say Hello to the new wollzelle.com


The new Wollzelle Website on different devices

We are psyched to unveil a brand new Wollzelle.com, the first major update to our site since the previous design was introduced in 2005.

We have now moved to a multi-page format, and greatly expanded our portfolio section. The brand new Work pages will walk you through our star projects. They feature previously unseen high-resolution images, pulled straight from our voluminous archives.

The site has been optimised for touch screens and retina displays. Whenever possible, we have gone back in time and updated our older blog posts, so your browsing experience should stay crisp and clean, even as you travel in time.

Speaking of crisp and clean, all images on Wollzelle.com are now served by Maiko. We’ve been extensively relying on her internally, and hope to introduce her to you in full over the next few weeks…