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Digital Transformation for your Business



Digitalization is an important step into the future for every company. Therefore, companies should no longer wait to develop a concrete digitalization strategy - industry 4.0 is already on the rise. From our experience, it is necessary to clearly plan the digitalization process, preferably with a partner to have not only an inside view on the topic but also an expert view. The challenge of transforming already settled processes and the input of internal personnel can be summarized homogeneously.

What to achieve?

The main goal is to simplify and support processes with the help of digitalization measures, thereby relieving the burden on company departments and redefining work processes. This is the chance to optimize processes purposefully and improve quality assurance.

With our solutions for digitalization, especially in the field of personnel development for training and monitoring via mobile eLearning apps, we are already in the midst of working with our customers towards their digital transformation and would like to share our experiences with you.

What mobile applications can do for you?

By using mobile applications, companies can simplify work processes for their employees and build up know-how. Mobile learning will become more and more important in the future as, above all, your employees’ ideas about learning will change. Global teams will work together even closer and, with a new level of flexibility, employees will be able to determine when to repeat or reassemble parts of their training - which in turn greatly supports their motivation.

Effective & efficient on the go

Mobile eLearning apps enable your employees to plan their working hours effectively - training is available from any location and therefore, it is accessible at all times. Trainings - especially if they are offered for several different locations - can be attended at any time by all employees worldwide. The eLearning apps also provide your employees with the ability to review their own statistics and give them the opportunity to keep track of their learning curve. Through such mobile learning opportunities, a solution can be offered which is easily accessible for the employees and fast and effectively feasible.

How does the optimization look like?

The digitalization of work processes has the advantage that data can be aggregated in one central location, thereby efficiency can be increased. It is i.e. possible to link the mobile applications with your merchandise management system and through this, the data is always up to date. Similar applications for the evaluation and analysis of data are particularly interesting for the areas of Sales & Marketing, as statistics can be created quick and easy and an overview of i.e. sales per country can be displayed.

How can we support you?

In addition to our projects in the field of digitalization and optimization of work processes, we count of many years of experience in data management. Our digital asset management platform (Fluxiom: SaaS product) makes it possible, amongst other things, to easily and securely share and save large files. The data is stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

What’s next?

There are other topics that revolve around digitalization and your company’s future, such as cloud computing. By moving processes to the cloud, they can be optimized even better and data security can be increased. In the upcoming years, cloud computing will become more and more important for your company. New processes can be introduced quickly, which in turn can make the processes already optimized by digitalization measures even better.

So, watch out for the next post on Cloud Computing and some insights about how we are getting real to comply with the new EU Data Protection Law (GDPR), which comes into effect in May 2018.

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