Pictures from the lecture at the MMA

Pictures from the lecture at the MMA


A few images from the lecture at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, branch MultiMediaArt.

Waiting for the students together with Maga. Karin Mairitsch (Director of Studies MultiMediaArt) …

… the lecture …
… going back to vienna, view from a train window.

While getting back to Vienna I started this post— but suddenly my laptop conked out …

… and all attempts at resuscitation by tom and joe failed! The read-write head of the harddisk touched the rotating platter— simply put: a head crash! So always make backups of your important stuff eg. with fluxiom ;)

Thanks to Birgit Gurtner (Head of Specialised Studies, Design, Research and Development) and Matthias Edler-Golla (Instructor Screen and Interactive Design) for the invitation.