Wollzelle at CLICK NY

Wollzelle at CLICK NY


Yesterday Christina and I attended the CLICK Conference in NYC, an annual conference on advertising and digital media. It was an excellent line-up of forward-thinking people in the industry: Michael Lebowitz (Big Spaceship), Tom Ajello (Poke), James Cooper (Another Anomaly), Alex Lieu (42 Entertainment), Sergio Gordilho (Africa Propaganda), Alessandra Lariu (McCann/She Says), and Benjamin Palmer (The Barbarian Group), moderated by Liz Danzico of Happy Cog and the School of Visual Arts.

Here are some of our favorite quotes, thoughts to read/think through and let the mind wander from time to time:

Fat Pig Chocolate
Beating Card by the Brooklyn Brothers
“Signing” my first verbal N.D.A. with David Wales
Benjamin Palmer: CNN Headline T-Shirts
Alex Lieu: NIN Year Zero Campaign blurs the line between marketing and entertainment

Thanks to Tina Roth Eisenberg and her fabulous swissmiss. She blogged live from Click NY and summed up some of the talks from James Cooper, Paul Parton, the SoDA introduction, passionate Tom Ajello, Michael Lebowitz and the Education Panel.

Here are the slides from Michael Lebowitz.