Branding, one stone at a time

Branding, one stone at a time


Architects and designers share a common set of goals: providing novel and memorable solutions to life’s everyday problems. Whether their work is about creating spaces or what goes into them, their craft lies at the intersection of art and technology.

In this light, we are doubly happy to finally share two sites we designed for architecture firms: Raumkunst and Dennis Lems were we also featured the process a while ago.

Considering our own architectural background (Christina and I both studied architecture) we always appreciate the challenge of transposing an architect’s logic and his emotional palette into the virtual world, from brick and mortar to zeros and ones., project overview page, project details page
Dennis Lems Architects, homepage
Dennis Lems Architects, project page

Because buildings are statements, and part of an architect’s brand, we decided to feature them front and centre. Even though both sites speak wholly different visual languages, they are united by the lavish use of photography, from magnified details that emphasise craft to wide shots that highlight proportions.

Both sites feature a strong, directive site structure and guide the visitor through a clearly defined tour of services, past accomplishments and portraits. Each section, in effect, creates a space to be interacted with.

Both domains are built upon our custom mix of standards-based technologies, as well as our trusty image processing back-ends, fluxiom and ImageGeisha, to allow for quick and painless updates as projects come and go.

We look forwards to seeing you at the house warming party!

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