1. Time for the Ho-Ho-Ho-Holidays at Wollzelle


    Can you believe it’s Christmas again? Neither can we, but the frost in the streets of Vienna does not lie, and neither does our calendar.

    Allow us, therefore, to open the festive season in traditional fashion by expressing our sincerest thanks for your continued trust, readership, and support. We at Wollzelle take pleasure and pride in serving you, and look forward to opening exciting new chapters together in the year to come.

    Speaking of serving and services, please note our office will be closed from December 21 to January 6, inclusive. Engineers will remain on call to monitor the servers, and ensure all applications are running smoothly, but our creative and consulting operations will be put on ice, while everyone gets a chance to spend time with friends and family.

    In 2013, we are proud to support Neuner Haus, a Viennese charity dedicated to helping the homeless. This will be in lieu of a more tangible gift, and we shall thus donate the funds in the name of our clients and partners. We hope you can join us in this effort in spirit, if not necessarily in deed.

    Before signing off fully for the year, allow us to recommend you keep a close watch on the blog in January. Our new service, Maiko, is already up and running, and is about to open to the public. (It will serve 400 GB of images in December alone, and that’s only the soft-launch.) And with our new site and the recently refreshed Fluxiom, we shall be able to rekindle this blog, keeping you abreast of interesting and surprising happenings in the worlds of communication, technology, and design.

    Once again, our warmest wishes for the Holidays, and the new year! See you in 2014! Habe die Ehre!

  2. Reddit for the gentleperson


    Reddit lies at the centre of today’s web. A watering hole for geeks, journalists, and trendsetters, it kindles everything from fashion fads to national security debates. Information flows so fast, and so deep, that it’s easy to miss: blink, and your bearings are lost, scroll, and you’ve missed a key comment…

    When Peter Purgathofer, the well-known technologist and educator, asked us to collaborate on a radically different Reddit client, we jumped at the chance. Our goals were threefold: provide an intuitive visual representation of the conversation, highlight contributions from friends and contacts, and facilitate voting. Simply put, we wanted to make Reddit useful again.

    Working with developer Matthias Tretter, Wollzelle tackled the user experience, the design, and the typography. The result is called Biscuit, and it’s available from the App Store today.

    Read, scroll, swipe: have no fear of losing your way
    Dive into Reddit’s rich database

    Built exclusively for iOS 7 on iPad, Biscuit uses an infinite canvas to lay out conversations, and their various branches, endowing each dimension with clear meaning. It invites users to explore threads visually, and to dive into each tangent, without ever allowing them to lose sight of the main topic.

    Comments from friends and contacts are automatically highlighted to emphasise trustworthy opinions. Last but not least, voting, the key ingredient of Reddit’s alchemy, is always but a swipe away.

    A complex engine ticks behind the scenes to enhance the user’s experience, always preloading, caching, and parsing to keep things fluid and up-to-date. Full Markdown support encourages active and constructive participation in the debate, by removing any barriers to the writing of complex comments. (And of course, it wouldn’t be a Reddit client without a ಠ_ಠ button!)

    By focusing on the conversation and its flow, and facilitating interaction with others, Biscuit hopes to turn Reddit’s swamp back into fertile ground for thought. It is an opinionated design, and one we are very proud of.

    Feeling inspired? Let’s make something together today!
  3. Say Hello to the new wollzelle.com


    We are psyched to unveil a brand new Wollzelle.com, the first major update to our site since the previous design was introduced in 2005.

    We have now moved to a multi-page format, and greatly expanded our portfolio section. The brand new Work pages will walk you through our star projects. They feature previously unseen high-resolution images, pulled straight from our voluminous archives.

    The site has been optimised for touch screens and retina displays. Whenever possible, we have gone back in time and updated our older blog posts, so your browsing experience should stay crisp and clean, even as you travel in time.

    Speaking of crisp and clean, all images on Wollzelle.com are now served by Maiko. We’ve been extensively relying on her internally, and hope to introduce her to you in full over the next few weeks…

    Feeling inspired? Let’s make something together today!