Press Clippings

  1. Study meeting at Wollzelle


    We all know that creators and artists build upon the accomplishments of their forebears, and we all say how important it is to encourage the creative urges of the younger generation. So when French students from the University of Marne-la-Vallée asked for a meet-and-greet session in our headquarters, as part of a grand tour of Viennese agencies, we immediately baked a poppy seed cake, and jumped at the opportunity!

    We were delighted to share our experience with this smart and energetic group of aspiring creative professionals. They filmed the session for their records, and were kind enough to post it on YouTube, where you will find the Video in all its unrehearsed, off-the-cuff glory.

    Our thanks and best wishes go out to Marianne Cardin, Karim Pierre Chabane and Célia, Julie, Nathalie and Diana. We hope they enjoy Vienna as much as we enjoyed meeting them! If you do happen to read French, we encourage you to read up on their adventures on their travelogue.

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  2. Designpreis Deutschland 2012 Nomination


    Wollzelle has been nominated for the Designpreis Deutschland 2012

    Quoted as being “The Champions League of design” the competition claims to honor top international achievements that are already setting tomorrow’s standards today. The German Design Award is bestowed in recognition of outstanding achievements in the fields of product design and communication design.

    Update 02/2012: Publication just arrived :)

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  3. Liked the project? Now get the book!


    Our parents would be proud: we’ve made the books! Well, one of our super-special clients has, at least, and we could not be more thrilled by this fun and unexpected surprise! You guessed it, the Wiener Hauskrankenpflege strikes again…

    The book, which came out only last week, has been released by the Archiworld Co.. It focuses on signage systems from all around the world, and presents them in a way that is both accurate and fun to dive into, which makes it the perfect gift for your favourite designer or type nerd this season.

    As you may remember from our last post, we accompanied the WHS in their recent move, and helped them design an original signage system, focusing on making their vast and impressive office fun and intuitive to navigate, for both staff and visitors.

    This project entailed a mix of typography, design and interior architecture with a dash of psychology, building upon our various specialties and interests here at wollzelle. We are therefore all the more delighted it clicked and are looking forwards to discovering the dozen more that are presented in the book!

    Our thanks to the WHS for their support, as always, and to the fine folks at Archiworld for thinking of us.

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  4. Joseph Binder Award 2010


    Organised yearly since 1996 by Design Austria, our local equivalent to AIGA, the Joseph Binder Awards commemorate this influential figure of the XXth century by recognising fresh inroads in the field.

    Its international jury is comprised of well-known creatives and leaders of the industry, and the award covers the crème de la crème of graphic design, meaning illustration, information design and typography to the exclusion of multimedia and other less clearly defined works.

    Today, we are delighted to announce we were selected amongst the 63 shortlisted projects, out of 447 entries submitted by this year’s 206 participants from all over the world — the United States, India, Croatia and beyond in addition to neighbouring countries such as Germany and Switzerland.

    This means wollzelle is featured in the 2010 edition of the Awards book, a gorgeous booklet that condenses the best in design over the past two years.

    Our winning project was the WHS Lagebericht 2008, an unusual publication combining the traditional fixings of an annual report with original photography and engaging copy whose release marked the first of many award-winning projects for our esteemed client.

    The ceremony was held in Vienna’s Museumsquartier, and a great time was had by all, networking and discovering the work of our peers.

    Our thanks go out to Design Austria and the Awards jury for thinking of us and and deeming our work worthy of such recognition. As always, our most heartfelt gratitude to the great team at the WHS for affording us such freedom in preparing their projects.

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  5. (Cover WHS Lagebericht 2009)

    The Wiener Hauskrankenpflege’s 2009 Annual Report is causing quite a stir nationally! It has recently been awarded the first place in the NGOs category of the Austrian Annual Reports Awards (AAA). Run by Trend magazine for 22 years, the AAAs recognise annual reports that excel in both style and substance. Their jury is composed of independent businesspeople, and its grading system has been recognised for its clarity and transparency.

    2009 was a key year for the WHS. It was a year of change and transformation for this worthy, time-trusted Viennese institution. Therefore, we are doubly happy that their message is being broadcast to the magazine’s 300 000 regular readers across Austria, thereby increasing the recognition of their brand, message and values.

    Featuring original photography, hand-drawn graphs and refined type, this report encapsulates all that the WHS stands for: relatable, straightforward, human.

    With its new identity, new offices and now increased national recognition of their accomplishments, the WHS is successfully answering the challenges of the XXI^st^ century, and we could not be happier. We at wollzelle would like to thank the WHS for their trust over the years.

    Also, a tip of the hat to our partners in crime who helped the report see the light of day: Bösmüller, who turned our digital files into beautiful print, Wolfgang Kühnelt, who helped shaping the copy for the report, and Franco Winter who brought to life the many portraits that enliven and shape the report.

    Learn more

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  6. European Design Award 2010


    Last Sunday the best of graphic design, illustration and multimedia design in Europe were honoured at the European Design Awards Ceremony in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This ceremony is the crowning event of the ED-Festival, a 3-day conference organised around lectures given by speakers and graphic design celebrities from all over Europe. The festival travels every year to a new city in Europe. After Athens, Stockholm, and Zurich, Rotterdam hosted the festival from 28 to 30 May 2010. Images from the Award Ceremony.

    We are pleased to announce that we received a bronze trophy in the category Publications/Annual Report for the WHS Lagebericht 2008 and the website for the St. Gilgen International School made it to the list of finalists.

    WHS Lagebericht 2008
    WHS Lagebericht 2008, details
    St. Gilgen International School website

    About the award

    The European Design Awards is the comprehensive annual awards organization acknowledging the best of graphic design, illustration and multimedia design in Europe. It is based on a collaboration of 14 prestigious communication design magazines in Europe who have taken upon them to support and promote the event. Representatives of these magazines compose the jury: 2+3D (PL), Design Austria (AT), Design Week (UK), +design (GR), Elephant (Int), étapes: (FR), Grafik Tasarim (TR), idpure (CH), KAK (RU), Novum (DE), Progetto Grafico (IT), TYPO (CZ), Visual(ES), BNO Vormberichten (NL).

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  7. We’re featured in…


    Today, we are proud to announce that Thomas Pamminger, our founding father, has just been featured in Karrieren, a brand-new publication from TU Vienna, showcasing the careers and accomplishments of its brightest alumni.

    Part inspiration for aspirant students, part documentary on the vibrant life of today’s Vienna, this new effort aims to strengthen the relationship the university entertains with its alumni network.

    Of course, Thomas is not alone in there. The whole publication can be downloaded here. Proceed to page 46 for a glimpse into wollzelle.

    also in Kooperationen

    Andreas Hofer, supervisor of our founders’ master thesis in 2004, just sent us this issue of Kooperationen, a publication dedicated to showcasing the new and exciting ways TU Vienna crafted a long-standing partnership with the National University Lviv Polytechnic. Today, both universities carry out numerous joint activities, benefiting both students and faculty.

    Published in this issue is an excerpt of the aforementioned thesis entitled City Branding: City Image and City Profile. Those interested can check out page 47 of the fascicule, bearing ISBN 978-3-902459-12-1.

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  8. Fluxiom review in Page magazine


    Page a professional magazine for creative media design, publishing and trends, reviewed our webservice Fluxiom in their current issue. Page is a leading design and publishing magazine in the german-speaking area.

    “In addition to the smart features Fluxiom scores with an intuitive interface […] in practice Fluxiom helps to avoid cramped mailboxes […] and messenger services costs”—Page Magazine 11/2006 (p.64f)

    It will be interesting if this has any effect on the geographical distribution of our customers. Right now only eight percent of our users are from german speaking countries (as of the October 1, 2006). In general over 80 percent of our customers are outside the EU.

    Download the Fluxiom review – PDF, 701 KB

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