Biscuit for reddit

Synopses for your synapses
Carve your path through comments
Dive into Reddit’s rich database
A clear, iOS 7-native design
Read, scroll, swipe: have no fear of losing your way

Biscuit is the result of a rare collaboration between Wollzelle, noted educator Peter Purgathofer, and developer Matthias Tretter. A radical new take on Reddit clients, it aims to surface meaningful content, and lay out discussions in a way that encourages constructive contribution to the debate at hand.

Tasked with imagining a completely new user experience for Reddit’s firehose of information, we designed an infinite canvas that endows each dimension with meaning. Users can scroll through a conversation, and literally dive into its various branches, without ever risking to lose their way. Typographic cues highlight comments from friends and contacts, providing trustworthy anchors in the flow of information and opinion. Voting, a key component of the Reddit experience, is always accessible through simple gestures, encouraging users to take sides, and react to the content.

Biscuit’s visual simplicity belies the complex predictive engine that keeps the interface fluid and fast. Wollzelle’s deep understanding of the complete technology stack enabled us to craft an iOS 7-native application, a first-class iPad citizen that builds upon intuitive UX conventions, while retaining a unique identity of its own.

Biscuit is as much a Reddit client as it is a new take on how information should be consumed and engaged with. Its opinionated design encapsulates Wollzelle’s ability to turn complex propositions into enjoyable experiences.