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Since 1977, Casinos Austria International has led the industries of gaming, entertainment, and hospitality by crafting unforgettable experiences for millions of guests worldwide. Its website reflects the brand’s sustained commitment to taste and quality by publishing a trove of company data, investor documents, and press information in a clean, sharp, logical fashion. While each casino maintains an eye-catching public-facing presence, the CAI brand itself is all about accessibility, transparency, and understated elegance.

A custom-built CMS, designed to blend naturally with existing company processes, underpins the entire site and facilitates the timely publication of important documents. Maiko, our smart CDN, manages the brand’s rich portfolio of visuals, from candid snaps to high-resolution publicity shots, ensuring it always loads quickly and crisply.

The site’s focus on clarity, consistency, and speed was enthusiastically received by its audience of investors, regulators, and industry watchers. Its touch-friendly, fully responsive design was especially praised by the many public departments that are currently transitioning to using tablets and hybrid devices full-time.