Global Player Online

The online edition complements a successful print magazine

On the browser: wide and clean

On iPhone: focused and exciting

On iPad: clean and crisp

Global Player Magazine is written around the premise that gaming belongs to the fabric of contemporary life. Published by Casinos Austria International, a leader in gaming and entertainment, it offers an inside look at what is hot and what is new around the world. In addition to reporting on the group’s properties, and the events they organise, the magazine publishes original articles on travel, food and fashion.

Wollzelle was tasked with bringing the Global Player experience online to complement the existing print magazine. Launched alongside the second print issue on January 25, 2011, at the ICE exhibit in London, the online version is fully mobile, and has been optimised to render perfectly on iPhone and iPad. A bespoke mobile back-end, also developed by Wollzelle, enables editors to report live on significant events, right from their own portable devices.

This technical first in a private setting establishes a direct link between the company and its audience, which greatly enhances the public impact of tournaments, major shows, and other significant events. To ensure optimal speeds worldwide, and guard against failures, the Global Player platform is underpinned by a redundant Content Delivery Network and backed by our own Fluxiom image processing system.