Gucci Sales Training App

Phone or tablet, the device you have is the only one you need

The Gucci Sales Training application provides an all-digital, all-mobile conduit to inform, coach, and motivate brand ambassadors worldwide. Written and designed to the high standards of Gucci’s acclaimed web initiatives, it empowers the brand to instantly deliver photos, talking points, and technical specifications right onto their employees’ iPhones and iPads. This centrally managed platform safeguards against leaks, and dramatically cuts down on administrative costs. It also enforces consistent standards and techniques across all Gucci boutiques, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

The engaging format feels like a magazine, and yet fosters effective self-paced learning. Trainers can devise custom curriculums on the fly by « pinning » any number of existing flash cards. The information delivered by the application expands over time, allowing students to truly own and understand the content.

This breakthrough system was presented on 30 May 2014 at the JCK 1 event in Las Vegas, where it was enthusiastically welcomed by sales staff and tutors alike.

1 JCK is the largest watches and jewellery exhibition in the US