Gucci shop-in-shop interactive furniture

A true feel of luxury: physical and digital, blended to perfection
Gorgeous screens demand attention

Tablet screenshots

On the big screen

Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry’s interactive shop-in-shop counters, now in active use in over 20 locations worldwide, add an element of surprise and instant gratification to the traditional shopping experience. They draw equally upon Wollzelle’s skills in environmental design and web development, by integrating an advanced digital system into functional, high-quality furniture. The computers, which are entirely hidden from view, update and maintain themselves automatically. Built-in fail-safes ensure loss of power and network access are managed intelligently.

Two high-resolution touch-enabled interactive surfaces complement the stylish showcases in rich wood and high-polish metals. They give instant access to all there is to know about the brand’s complete range of timepieces and jewelry. The tablet in the counter enables customers to browse the collections, admire pieces that are not yet available in-store, and explore gorgeous high-resolution photo galleries. Because it downloads data from the same database that drives, it is always up-to-date and in sync with the website. The vertical surface allows the sales associate to display gorgeous video presentations, and call out attention to design details. When idle, it cycles through crisp photos that draw the eye from afar.