I-Gucci Sport Paperless Manual

Tablet or phone: the site feels at home on any device
A perfect match, down to model, options and colours
High-resolution images beat line drawings hands down
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A full interactive presentation on
Try it for yourself: scan the code and explore the watch

The I-Gucci Sport range eschews paper manuals in favour of a Wollzelle-designed digital solution. Customers scan a QR code on the box to access an interactive, touch-enabled app right from their smartphone or tablet. Full-colour, high-resolution tutorials walk them through all there is to know about their new watch. This enabled us to exactly match the physical and the digital: what appears on screen is exactly what is in the box, down to the colour of the dial. The site is so clear and intuitive that Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry decided to use it for sales training as well: representatives can access all the facts and figures about the entire range, right from the sales floor, on their mobile device.

The digital manuals are managed centrally, and are published simultaneously in nine languages. This means the site transparently speaks the client’s own language. It is also a breeze to update: new watches, new options, and new features can be added and distributed immediately.

The launch was backed by an update to and a dedicated digital campaign. In-store displays were devised using breakthrough technology from Samsung: transparent screens made it possible to layer the digital and the physical in an entirely new kind of POS installation that caused a worldwide sensation.