Yellow Deli Restaurant

Identity, Web
Geometric mark, rounded type, exciting colours
A business card that pops
Menus that beg to be opened
Geometric mark, rounded type, exciting colours
The colourful brand complements the modern decor
The only it-bag at lunchtime
Grab a seat: trendy decor, welcoming atmosphere
A simple website enlivened by surprising effects

In the heart of town-town, a new office district near Landstraße in Vienna, Yellow dishes out sushi and cool Asian-inspired food in a welcoming, trendy atmosphere. They tasked Wollzelle with creating a complete identity package, starting with a memorable name, and extending to menus and take-away bags.

We answered the brief with a vibrant system that riffs on the Yellow name: the deli, the club, the bar and the event planning components were each given a colour. All proudly display the geometric Y mark, along with a contrasting rounded logotype. Branded elements introduce bright touches of colour in the restaurants and on the surrounding streets.

Yellow’s simple aesthetic naturally extends online with a no-nonsense task-oriented website. Enlivened by vivid shades and unexpected transitions, it offers immediate access to menus, location information and contact details. It is built entirely on web standards, to ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices.