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Biscuit — Reinventing the Reddit Experience

Surface Meaningful Content, Encourage Constructive Debate


Biscuit is an innovative collaboration between Wollzelle, educator Peter Purgathofer, and developer Matthias Tretter, offering a fresh, user-centric approach to Reddit. Designed to surface meaningful content and foster constructive conversations, Biscuit transforms the way users navigate and engage with the platform.

Biscuit is the result of a rare collaboration between Wollzelle, noted educator Peter Purgathofer, and developer Matthias Tretter. A radical new take on Reddit clients, it aims to surface meaningful content, and lay out discussions in a way that encourages constructive contribution to the debate at hand.

Our innovative infinite canvas design allows users to effortlessly navigate and participate in conversation threads. With the use of typographic cues and easy voting gestures, we've enhanced user engagement and made the Reddit experience more intuitive and engaging.

Despite its visual simplicity, Biscuit houses a complex predictive engine that ensures a fluid, fast interface. As a first-class iPad application, Biscuit combines intuitive UX conventions with a unique and distinctive identity.

Biscuit is more than a Reddit client; it's a new perspective on how information should be consumed and engaged with. It's a testament to Wollzelle’s expertise in transforming complex concepts into enjoyable user experiences.