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Unveiling a Dynamic Digital Experience

Reimagining Digital Experiences for a Global Entertainment Leader


The Casinos Austria International website, a Wollzelle project, serves as a dynamic digital hub for a leading company in the global gaming, entertainment, restaurant, and hospitality sectors. As a foundational stone for an exciting, responsive communication strategy, the website reflects the brand's commitment to exceptional taste.

Since 1977, Casinos Austria International has been crafting unforgettable experiences for millions of guests worldwide. The website, reflecting the brand’s commitment to taste, quality, and transparency, provides accessible company data, investor documents, and press information in a clean, sharp, and logical layout.

Underpinning the site is a custom-built CMS, designed to blend naturally with existing company processes, and our smart CDN, Maiko, which efficiently manages the brand’s rich portfolio of visuals. The site's focus on clarity, consistency, and speed was well-received by its audience, including investors, regulators, and industry watchers. Its touch-friendly, fully responsive design has been particularly praised by public departments transitioning to using tablets and hybrid devices full-time.