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Since 2003, Wollzelle has accompanied the expansion of Casinos Austria International, now a worldwide leader in gaming and entertainment. What started as a new design for the company's website soon expanded to internal communications and bespoke business tools.

An Extensive Website

It all started in 2003, with Casinos Austria International's public-facing website.

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This monthly newsletter is among the many publications we help design and distribute.

Today, Wollzelle technologies power the company's platform at every level. In addition to expanding and refining the public-facing website, we develop custom backends, finely tuned to balance low maintenance requirements, resilience to failure, and optimum distribution speeds around the globe. Staff-facing tools are designed for efficiency and ease of use to minimise confusion, delays and training costs. Every piece of the technical puzzle integrates into a cohesive workflow that keeps information circulating smoothly and reliably within this fast-expanding company.

Working with Casinos Austria International calls on many of Wollzelle's talents: back-end configuration, high-availability hosting, web application development, and interaction design are but a few of the skills we invest in this global venture.