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Galerie Rammer

Discover Fankultur Macht Kunst — A Stunning Series of Paintings.


Galerie Gernot Rammer, a high-profile art space in the heart of Vienna, has entrusted Wollzelle with building a fully integrated web solution to manage, display and sell their works online. We came up with a visually lean website that places the art front and centre. Geometric type, subdued colours, and a strict grid layout keep the design in the background, where it belongs. Straightforward and responsive menus infuse the site with a sense of solidity and energy, which befits the gallery's identity.

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The site's visual simplicity belies the care we have taken to integrate detailed information, e-commerce capabilities, and social features into every page. Full details are provided for every artwork. A click is all it takes to purchase a work, contact the gallery, or share an image on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. The bespoke back-end performs double duty as a complete CRM and inventory tracking application. This keeps the gallery's workflow free of cumbersome proprietary tools, and ensures information takes the shortest possible path.

The site launched along with an ambitious exhibit entitled Fankultur macht Kunst. In it, renowned artist Thomas Strobl explores the human and social aspects of sports, through a striking series of passionate paintings.