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Gentletent — Innovation in Outdoor Living

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GentleTent is engineering a new generation of tents. Their flexible structures adapt to almost any need or terrain. Lightweight and resistant, they can be set up and folded away at the press of a button. GentleTents are built along strict architectural principles. Each model is developed to shelter and comfort, packing the latest in materials and protective technologies into a light organic design.

(ready for a fresh breeze of freedom? )

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Such a cool, innovative, understated project deserved a brand in its image. Wollzelle answered that challenging brief by delivering a full visual system. A strong geometric grid underpins all branded materials, creating a sense of ease and simplicity. Candid outdoor photographs showcase real-world uses of GentleTent, highlighting the product's many innovative features. The lively logotype rounds out a brand dedicated to living life to its fullest.

GentleTent and Wollzelle are united by a common love for the new, the useful, and the simple. This collaboration with GentleTent was a perfect opportunity to apply our craft to a new industry. Travellers are taking notice of this unusual product, and a strong community is already forming around its values.