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Global Player is Casinos Austria International's lifestyle publication. Available in print and online, in a special « live » edition, the magazine covers the shows and tournaments organised by the group around the world. Original editorial features explore cultural hotspots, fashion trends, and major lifestyle events, making it a well-rounded periodical in its own right. Wollzelle was tasked with expanding Global Player's core identity onto promotional materials, from business cards to T-shirts.

We started by turning the eye-catching — but static — hotspot device into a springboard for exuberant graphics. The silhouettes highlight the magazine's main themes: gaming, travel, entertainment and self-expression. Infinitely renewable, they hint at the context in which the brand is being used, in addition to introducing elements of movement and surprise. The font bridges the gap between the geometric logotype and the flamboyant halo: its clean, business-like forms facilitate reading, while the discreet serifs add a human touch.

Global Player is not about living vicariously through the printed page. It is about experiences: it must draw attention to what is happening, without obscuring it. We thus created a brand that responds to the events as much as it sponsors them. While working from an existing design was an additional challenge, we feel the resulting system has a life and a coherence of its own.