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Gucci.com — Redefining Luxury E-commerce

The Continuing Journey in Merging Fashion and Tech


In 2006, we at Wollzelle embarked on an exciting journey with Gucci's e-commerce team. Our mission was clear yet challenging: to imbue Gucci's trademark elegance and style into their digital presence as part of a comprehensive brand revamp. Launched in November 2006, initially in English, German, French, and Japanese - to coincide with the grand opening of Gucci's flagship store in Tokyo's Ginza - the website quickly rose to prominence in the world of high fashion.

Fast forward to 2010, and we find ourselves looking back at four years of relentless innovation, countless updates, and continuous enhancement of Gucci.com. Over this period, we’ve rolled out the site in multiple countries and languages, exemplifying our commitment to localization and truly global brand representation. Along the journey, we've added an array of features, steadily building an all-encompassing e-commerce ecosystem for the brand.

A Closer Look

Every section scrolls, fades or unfolds to reveal close-up shots, detailed information and even tools to interact with the brand.

Season Lookbooks

Complete lookbooks allow fashion enthusiasts to experience the collection like never before, making a visit to Gucci.com the next best thing after a front-row seat.

Shop the Look

A little help never hurt… Key looks from the collection are de-constructed piece-by-piece for the convenience of online shoppers.

We moved away from proprietary technologies, pioneering the use of web standards, and introducing advanced tools that users today consider commonplace. Fluid galleries and carousels, responsive navigation, interactive overlays, and 'shop the look' style guides are but a few of the innovations that Gucci.com brought to the fore. We took e-commerce integration to unprecedented heights by seamlessly blending site and store, while wider screens allowed us to break new ground in interaction design, with horizontal scrolling and unfolding galleries.

Throughout the years, the site has evolved, becoming progressively richer and more immersive. Our design philosophy has always been to encourage intuitive exploration, a principle that has remained constant despite the site's transformation. This unique approach has garnered us significant recognition, including a Most Impressive Website award from Tokyo's 'Web Designing' magazine in 2006, two W3 awards in 2007, and a coveted Webby shortlisting in the same year.

As we recap these four transformative years, we are filled with pride for what we've accomplished and the pioneering digital experience we've created together with Gucci.