Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry website

Web, Identity
Videos, images and text converge into a cinematic experience

Product pages provide all the details: no secrets among connoisseurs

The brand’s philanthropic efforts finally come to light

Tradition and modernity:
Encouraging tomorrow’s talents and remembering yesterday’s

2008: a newborn website already pushes the envelope

We celebrated the 53rd annual GRAMMY® awards with a widget

Since 2008, Gucci Timepieces and Jewelry has entrusted Wollzelle with keeping its website at the cutting edge. Touch-optimised and compatible with every device, from smartphones to workstations, is immersive and cinematic. Built upon the latest web standards, CSS 3 and HTML 5, it draws visitors into a world of movement that translates Gucci’s sense of style onto the web.

The deep integration of e-commerce features enables a smooth transition from discovery to purchase. This greatly boosts the worldwide availability of Gucci’s exclusive products, and enables the brand to retain control of its image. High-profile partnerships with the GRAMMY® and the CSCLF (China Soong Ching Ling Foundation), as well as original editorial content, make the site a destination of its own. Visitors can download exclusive music tracks, read interesting articles, and discover an exciting world of art.

The site is published simultaneously in nine languages, and transparently adapts to the visitor’s location. Wollzelle has designed a bespoke administration panel that turns a potentially daunting task into an intuitive experience. Editors upload texts and images from a central location that integrates with their workflow. This keeps confusion, and training costs, at a minimum.