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Maiko — Simplify Web Image Management

On-The-Fly image cache and resizing service.


Maiko was formally released in January 2014. It is Wollzelle's second large-scale web application. Built for responsive site designers and visual professionals, it dramatically simplifies and modernises the management of images on the web. Maiko is offered to the public at large through an intuitive web interface, as well as an open API. It underpins some of Wollzelle's star projects, such as the acclaimed GucciTimeless.com.

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Mobile browsing and high-density screens place an unfair burden on site operators. Images must be manually scaled, cropped, and exported in various configurations. This results in unwieldy, costly workflows. Maiko makes changing image sizes, ratios, formats, and resolutions as easy as changing a font, or a colour. From a single high-quality source, it instantly generates as many versions as needed. It then distributes them over its full-SSD CDN, providing a super-fast, cohesive end-to-end solution.

Maiko's simplicity belies the cutting-edge image manipulation engine that purrs at its core. It was fully developed in-house, to answer the needs of Wollzelle's exclusive and demanding clients. By making it available to all, and easy to integrate into custom web applications, we are reaffirming our belief in a fluid, accessible web.