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You may not know the man, but you know the work! Peter Rigaud has photographed the shiniest stars for the glossiest magazines. His work includes portraits of Peter Eisenman, Moby, Anna Netrebko, Michael Haneke, Dennis Hopper, and Valie Export. He has been published in French Vogue, Vanity Fair, National Geographic, and the New York Times. Wollzelle has had the honour of developing his brand and publishing his site since 2001.

Impressions from the past

Peter's site has always been true to his aesthetic, even on 2001's slower, messier Internet.

Peter's aesthetic has always been structured and simple: keeping the branding to a minimum allows the work to express its full potential. We spent the past ten years embracing the web's own progress to strip the site of proprietary plugins and cumbersome content management systems. Its current iteration is entirely based on standards. It is compatible with every device, from smartphones to workstations. The gorgeous typography, fluid layouts and simple navigation are entirely driven by modern technologies, including HTML 5 and CSS 3.

This simplicity benefits both artist and clients. Peter and his team can update the site themselves, keeping it fresh and current. Magazine editors can use powerful search tools to browse his extensive archive of world-famous pictures. Finally, the general public gains a better understanding of every aspect of his work: editorial, commercial, and artistic.