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Shotview represents some of the world's most creative photographers, spanning all major industries — fashion, art, design, etc. In 2003, they turned to Wollzelle for a bespoke website that would put the art, and the talent, front and centre.

Our breakthrough layout used simple « infinite » horizontal galleries that visitors could stretch, or scroll, at will. By minimising distractions, we were able to draw the eye into the world of each photographer, highlighting the force and originality of each piece and each style. Colours and type were kept to a minimum, making sure that key navigation elements remained on screen at all times. Bold type gave key pages and menus a jolt, while the structured layout helped users keep their bearings throughout long viewings.

This no-nonsense website was underpinned by a bespoke CMS from which the Shotview team could manage photos and galleries, through an intuitive web interface. Rarer still in 2003 than today, this key feature empowered Shotview to grow its online presence effectively, and without outside intervention.