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Soziales Netzwerk Magazine

Embracing Life's Challenges with Dignity and Grace


Soziales Netzwerk is a platform for promotion, research and interaction. Published by the Wiener Hauskrankenpflege (WHS), a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing the elderly with affordable quality home care, it tackles difficult and sensitive topics such as ageing, illness, and exclusion. The WHS and Wollzelle have worked together since day one to keep the publication appealing, interesting and positive.

Because Soziales Netzwerk is front and foremost a vehicle for reports and long-form articles, we started with a clean, geometric layout. Anchored on a strong but flexible grid, it uses only two typefaces, whose contrasting forms answer each other across the page. This simple yet variegated system is energised by bursts of colour, highlighting quotes, headlines, and captions. It encourages careful reading, and creates a positive, friendly atmosphere.

An exuberant selection of life-affirming photographs and illustrations pushes the publication into a genre of its own. Designed in-house by Wollzelle, commissioned from world-famous artists or borrowed — with permission — from trendy fashion magazines, these pieces, which we staged, retouched, and selected, highlight the WHS's core belief in ageing gracefully, without sacrificing one's dignity, energy or sense of fun. Their public appeal greatly expanded the journal's circulation, making them a key asset in the fight for awareness and recognition.