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St. Gilgen International School

Discover a world of knowledge in Austria's charming village setting.


Set in a typical Austrian village, the St. Gilgen International School offers a unique take on quality education. Its luxurious appointments, state-of-the-art campus, uncompromising academic standards, and focus on community demanded an identity like no other — and a website to match.

A Striking Brochure

The brochure expands upon the visual language introduced with the website. It translates that unique blend of excitement, structure and luxury into the traditional medium of print.

Process Snapshots

Designed from the ground up by Wollzelle, this visually striking site uses the latest web technologies to tell the rich stories of St. Gilgen: the school, the village and the community. The school's multicultural and pluridisciplinary approach was translated visually by subtle parallax effects, reminding us that there is always more to know than first meets the eye. Engaging and personal, the site takes parents and prospective students on an interactive tour. It introduces them to St. Gilgen's values and academic expectations in a way that is both welcoming and memorable.

This immersive, pleasurably challenging website was shortlisted in 2010 for a European Design Award. It has served as the foundation of the school's visual identity ever since, and has inspired all its promotional materials, including a much talked-about print brochure that borrows not a little from Art books and luxurious magazines.