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WHS Annual Report '08

Discover the human side of WHS's mission in this visually engaging annual report.


The Wiener Hauskrankenpflege (WHS), a non-profit organisation providing care and assistance to the elderly in Vienna, is fully committed to the human side of its mission. In 2008, they entrusted Wollzelle with their annual report, and gave us carte blanche to turn this official document into a platform for brand building.

A closer look

Feel that paper, touch that varnish. Close-ups only begin to tell the story…


Keeping it fun, keeping it fresh, and keeping it real. The engrossing whimsical photos perform double duty as genuine reportage: they provide a glimpse at the way the elderly live in Vienna today.

Starting with a natural, lightly processed paper that suggests the organisation's down-to-earth approach, we built a document that blurs the lines separating education from entertainment. Original photos featuring actual pensioners in the care of the WHS, and their highly personal interiors, set the tone and style of the publication. Their whimsy stands in contrast with the clean, elegant type: Dolly and Helvetica Neue answer each other rhythmically throughout the pages. Special inks and varnishes highlight the tactile qualities of the paper, inviting readers to pick up the report as if it were a magazine.

Graphs and hard facts make up the core of annual reports. To sustain interest, we laid out charts and numbers as magazine spreads, using appealing visual aids and playful cartoons. The earthy yet vibrant colour palette and light texturing keep the graphs visually engaging — without sacrificing clarity or precision. The highly legible type system is perfectly suited to longer texts and encourages careful reading.