Wollzelle logo
WHS Identity

A down-to-earth rebranding with a lively and honest visual language.


The Wiener Hauskrankenpflege (WHS) is a non-profit organisation with a rich and complex history. It has stayed true to its values in the face of explosive growth, and survived radical changes in society. In 2009, the time had come to put its identity into focus, honouring its past, celebrating its present, and preparing its future.

The Photo Shoot

The men and women depicted below are actual WHS customers, shot in their home in the company of friends, family and staff. The series was commissioned by Wollzelle, and shot by Franco Winter.

Reference Materials

Nothing in this large branding endeavour was left to chance: detailed references ensure the brand stays consistent over time, wherever it is applied.

A Blast from the Past

The WHS was born well before Wollzelle. Here is a look at former logos spanning nearly thirty years…

Wollzelle answered the brief first by looking at tradition: we kept the organisation's classic palette, opting for three warm, friendly greens that immediately dispel any erroneous associations with hospitals and ill-health. We also kept the serif type, transforming the previous foreboding typeface into a rounded, easy-flowing font that feels modern, but not sterile. Upon this relatable base, we built a contemporary visual language, starting with the WHS acronym, which gained official logo status, along with playful shading. Black and green answer each other throughout the brand's promotional pieces, creating a lively rhythm that is kept in check by the extensive use of white space.

To highlight the WHS's genuine, down-to-earth approach, we commissioned Franco Winter, the world-famous photographer, to shoot a series of portraits featuring their clients and staff in their actual homes. No trickery was employed, and the resulting portraits are honest, colourful and whimsical. They burst with life and energy, proving that it is possible to age gracefully, and showing how the WHS helps attain that goal.