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Clear and Accessible: WHS Website

Combining Approachable Aesthetics and Modern Functionality


The Wiener Hauskrankenpflege (WHS) needed a website in its image: extensive yet clear, official yet warm, modern yet familiar. Wollzelle answered this challenging brief by putting accessibility front and centre, and by translating the brand's approachable aesthetic into clean, wide layouts.

Bright, positive colours and whimsical imagery keep the site fresh and inviting, immediately dispelling any erroneous associations with hospitals and decay. Bold, large type and a clear navigation structure ensure pages are easy to reach, and easy to read. Straightforward, standards-compliant code facilitates the task of older browsers and assistive devices, both of which are in frequent use amongst public workers and senior citizens.

As the public face of this vibrant non-profit organisation, the Wiener Hauskrankenpflege's site states its values clearly, through both form and function. It was designed with the belief that there is no age or level of technical proficiency at which the web cannot be helpful and empowering.