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Cloud Migration - another step into the future


The use of Cloud Services is becoming increasingly important in the business world. When it comes to the point that companies strive to move their products and services into the Cloud, there will be significant benefits for them:

The Cloud Migration process


First of all, the strategy for the migration needs to be defined. Further on, the main focus is on the selection of the applications to be migrated. These will be ranked according to their requirements. Applications with high load times and global reach, such as Online Shops, are on the top of the list. The benefits are immediately visible and can be applied profitably:


When transforming and migrating applications into the Cloud, one main question needs to be clarified: whether the already existing applications should be modernized or replaced by Cloud Native Apps.

When analyzing the applications, the basis of decision making should be:

With effective Cloud Management, the whole transformation process can be adapted and supported according to a company’s strategy. It should be ensured that automated processes and optimizations are carried out continuously to achieve effective cost control.


Choosing to work with a Managed Service Provider is particularly interesting for small and medium-sized companies. Growth and experience will be brought into those businesses and increase their technological knowledge base. Routine tasks which are repetitive and time-consuming can be outsourced and companies can focus on building and aligning their services.

Cloud Migration with Wollzelle

Thanks to many years of international experience with Cloud Migrations, Wollzelle is able to successfully implement a cloud transformation strategy for its clients.

Our experience ranges from the implementation of efficient digital transformation processes and leads to migration of complex processes in the areas of administration and human resource management.

So, if you are not already thinking about transforming to the Cloud, it would be good to start doing this right now. It is obvious that the Cloud will be the future for your business and the sooner you plan your migration, the better for your business and competitiveness. In terms of security, a transformation is very much recommendable.

Especially, with new laws - the European Data Protection Law (GDPR) - companies are forced to make their services as secure as possible and the Cloud could help you with this. So also watch out for our next Blogpost where you will get some insights about how we are getting real to comply with the European Data Protection Law (GDPR / DSVGO), which comes into effect in May 2018.

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